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Operant Conditioning, Social Leaning Theory and thier application to Parenting

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Learning ___.

is central to behaviorist theories
involves a systematic change
involves a relatively permanent
all of the above

Which of the statements is true?

Punishment should be applied intermittently.
Punishment usually enhances the learning process.
Punishment does not always work.
The effectiveness of punishment depends solely on its force

Which of the following is NOT true?

Punishment does not always work.
Effectiveness punishment is consistent punishment.
Effectiveness punishment is swift punishment.
The effectiveness of punishment depends primarily on its force.

There are ___ kinds of reinforcers.


Punishment is the same as negative reinforcement. T/F

Example of a behavior that is learned through operant conditioning is ___.

cleaning up your room to get your parents approval.
pulling ones hand away from a flame.
sneezing in response to dust.
blinking in response to flash light

Nagging someone to do something unpleasant from the situation is a ___ reinforcer.

positive reinceforcement
aversive condition
negative reinforcement

Negative reinforcement results in extinction of previously learned behavior. T/F

A reinforcer that adds something rewarding to situation is a ___ reinforcer.


When someone uses negative reinforcement to change behavior, the behavior is likely to ___.

occur more frequently
occur at the same rate
occur less frequently
completely stop