Do you know the How To Train Your Dragon movies and shows?

This quiz will test how well you know HTTYD. I won't say that it decides if you are a true fan, I don't think you have to know a lot to be a true fan, maybe somebody has a bad memory or has better things to remember or something.

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Which of these plants is poisonous to the dragons?

Dragon Root
Blue Oleander
Loki Tree

Which dragons venom can be used to cure all the effects caused by the poisonous plant from the previous question?

Deadly Nadder
Fireworm Queen

Which Dragon caused Hiccup to loose his leg when fighting it?

Red Death

Which Dragon changes color depending on its mood?

Monstrous Nightmare

Who shot Toothless down causing him to loose part of his tail. ( I hope everyone gets this, should be easy for everybody.)

Drago Bludvist ( I think I did his name right.)

Who tried to get the dragons banished from the island?

Trader Johann

Why did Hiccup let Snotlout win the Thawfest games?

To impress Astrid.
for Snotlout (he is his friend and wants to keep it that way, and other reasons, would take to long to type)
don't know- did not see that one

Which dragon welds metal objects and stole metal from the people of Berk?

Whispering Death
Smothering Smokebreath

Are you ready for your results? everybody always asks this and I think it is annoying but I wanted to ask. Tell me if you think this quiz was easy or not please.

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not really
just give me the results already (what I always think when I take a quiz)