Harry Potter Quiz (17)

This just a quiz to see if you know Harry Potter. I hope you read the books:)

published on October 20, 20155 responses 1

What book did Harry find out that he can speak to snakes

Book one
Book two
Book three

How do you approach a hippogroif

Keep eye contact and now and if it bows back you can
You never should
Just approach it won't hurt you

Does Harry have his mom's eyes

Who are Harry's friends

Select the two correct answers

What animal is Harry's patrnous


Is Sirius Black Harry's godfather

What book does Harry learn how to conjure a patrnous

Book seven
Book three
Book one

How did moaning myrtle die

She was murdered
She died from the king of serpents
She got strangled

Was lord Voldemort named tom riddle before he changed his name

What book did the tri wizard tournament happen

Book two
Book six
Book one
Book four