11 basketball questions!

11 basketball questions!

Can you get all of my basketball questions right? How about you shut the hell up because I've got the quiz right here!

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You thought Jordan was tall, we'll, Sun MingMing is the tallest player in the world! But how tall?

7' 8" (2.33m)
7' 9" (2.36m)
8' 11" (2.71m)

Where and when was basketball first played?

Yorkshire, England-August 4th 1885
New York, Long Island- April 12th 1891
Springfield, Massachusetts-March 11th 1891

How much taller is Dirk Nowitzki compared to Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard and LaMarcus Aldridge?

2 inches taller than all of them ( this is obviously the right answer!)
1 inch taller than all of them (duh)
2 inches taller than all of them except Aldridge.

Name a player that has played for the Laker, Cavaliers, Suns, Heat, Magic and the Celtics,

LeBron 'the king' James
Dwyane Wade
Shaquille 'Shaq' O'Neal

What did Paul George snap in a game versus the White Jersey USA team?

Upper leg
Lower leg

What is an Alley-Oop?

When a team mate passes to you then you lay up and dunk the ball.
When a team mate passes to you from the other end of the court and the you dunk it.
When a team mate throws it up and you catch it in mid-air and then in mid-air you dunk it.

Commentators can say "he drained the ball!" or "he flushes the ball!" But what do you do do to flush the ball?

Dunk it
Swish it from the 4-pointer

Is the Las Vegas Lions a real NBA team?

Yeah! What an easy question.
No! What an easy question.

Who lifted the FIBA World Cup 2014 trophy in Spain?

Milos Teodosic.
James Harden.
Rajon Rondo.

Name the MVP of the FIBA world championships 2010?

Derrick Rose.
Kevin Durant.
Tyson Chandler.

Name the all star 5 from the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Select the five correct answers
Kyrie Irving.
Nikola Kalinic.
Nicolas Batum.
Kenneth Faried.
Boris Diaw.
Pau Gasol.
Milos Teodosic.