AOT Quiz (Episode 9-12)

AOT Quiz (Episode 9-12)

All AOT quizzes I make are for @Klarissa_Uchiha. I hope you like the quiz! If you never watched AOT, then try your best!

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How many walls were built and what were their names?

3; Maria, Rose, and Sina
4; Sinai, Everest, Maria, Sina

What do they call Levi?

A worthless man
A leader
A one-man army
A caregiver

Which AOT character experiments on Titans?

Historia Reiss/Krista Lenz
Hange Zoë
Levi Ackerman
Eren Yeager

What has Eren always been?

A man
An Eoten (Titan)
An outsider

What did Armin do to save Eren from Death?

He turned into a Titan and devoured Kitts Woerman.
He told Kitts Woerman and the others that he was not a threat, which didn't really work, but Commander Pixis came along, which stopped Eren from dying.
Eren, Mikasa, and Armin ran away to Wall Rose, but when Kitts Woerman pointed the cannon at Eren and signaled the shot, Armin pushed Eren out the
way. Armin died in Eren's place.

Before the Titans came along, what were the people killing each other over?


Who was supposed to block the shattered gate?

Connie Springer
Sasha Braus
Annie Leonhart
Jean Kirstein
Eren Yeager

Did ____ ______ block the shattered gate?

No they didn't
Yes they did, after an episode.