How Well Do You Know "Wizards101?"

I'm gonna ask questions about "Wizards101" and see how much you know! Only take the quiz if you have played it!

published on October 06, 20149 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

What are level 100 wizards called?

Novice pyromancer

Name the first spell a fire wizard has

Name the first spell a life wizard has

Name one spell a myth wizard has

Name one spell an ice wizard has

What is banes whole name?

What is spirals whole name?

How old do you have to be to use text chat?

Guess: what is my name on wizard101?

Fiona WinterCloud
Autumn Rider
Brittany Sunflame

Guess: what is my level on wizard101?


Name one outfit they have in crown shop

Gold outfit
Guardians outfit
Black widow outfit

Name one pet in wizard101 (hint: it's a flying pig)

Name one spell fore wizards have

Guess: what is my wizards TWO elements?

Fire and balance
Ice and death
Life and ice