The amazing world of gumball, The Job

This is the amazing world of gumball about this show called the job. Let's see if you know the job well.

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What kind of job did Richard get?

Ice Cream Man
Pizza Delivery
Hotel Manager
Business Man

Who had awakened Nicole when she fainted?


What do Gumball and Darwin do when Richard dropped a few pizzas?

Throw the pizzas in the garbage can
Eat it all up
Deliver them
Smash the pizza
Keep the pizza as souvenir

What did Gumball and Darwin Deliver the pizza first?

The Pepperonis
Mr. Small
The Bananas

What was Richard doing while riding the motorcycle?

Doing tricks
Singing a rap song
Chewing gum

What did Gumball use to replace his pizza?

Tomato sauce and cheese and Pineapples
Tires and oil and gas
Computers and TV and phones
Bugs and grass and flies
Grass and dirt and an old chewed gumball

What did the bananas say when they saw the pizza?

Come here tomorrow.
Thanks, Goodbye.
Pizza, Pizza, Piz - za!
OH, Hi!

What did Nicole changed to when Richard started to touch the doorbell?

A Truck
A Pizza
An Apple
A Puddle
A Computer

What did the guy do when Richard started to give the pizza to him?

Take it
Pay him
Complain something about it
Thank him