Text Entry Quiz : Five Nights At Freddy's

This is a text entry quiz about Five Nights At Freddy's! Have fun! Don't forget to comment when done! Laters!

published on January 04, 201611 responses 4

Who killed Five children ?????

Who is Inside Springtrap ????

Who is Golden Bonnie ??????

Is there a security guard or cameras in Five Nigts At Freddy's 4 ?????

In Five Nights At Freddy's 4 what word is before the animatronics names ???????

Who is the Lead Singer ??????

Who lives in the Curtains beacause his Parents abbadid in him ????????

Who has Cupcake ????????

Who is the one with the guitar ???????????

What are the Two gold ones ???????

What are the other games Similar to Five Nights At Freddy's ??????

And the other similar ?????

Who is the woman who lost her child ???? What did she become ?????

What character is the Child ????????

What caused the old Freddy Fazbear Pizza to explode ???????????

Is Ballon Girl real ?????????