Are,you,a,true,nico,di,Angelo,know-it all

Are,you,a,true,nico,di,Angelo,know-it all

I love heros of Olympus even more then Pokémon so let's see if you know everything about my favourite HOO character take this to find out see you!

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who is nico di angalo

The blood of Olympusa person
The titans cursed he son of hades

Why does Percy want to strangle nico

Percy didn't want to strangle nico he wanted to kill him
He said'if your the son of Poseidon do you argue a lot with annabeth because she is the daughter of Athena?'
He said ' if annabeth was the daughter of Athena then why didn't she know better to jump off a cliff?'

What are Nico's sisters called

Hazel and bionco
Lille and bionco
Bicaco and hazel
Bionca and hazel
Bazel and hionca

Why does nico shout at Percy

Select the two correct answers
He doesn't
He lets bionca die
He had to much nectar
He is being silly
Because Percy ' promised '

What killed bionca

Skeleton people
Bronze giant

What does bionca look like ( here's a clue,)