How well do you know the X factor?

How well do you know the X factor?

An X factor fan? Try this quiz! It'll be hard for you or it might be easy!

published on October 30, 201410 responses 4

How many judges are there in the UK X factor 2014?


What's the main judge called?

What's your fave judge?

Select the four correct answers
Louis Walsh.
Mel B.
Simon Cowell
Cheryl Cole.

Do you think I like X factor?

Yeah. It's not bad.

Which 2014 judge is the oldest?

Simon Cowell
Cheryl Cole
Mel B
Louis Walsh.

At X factor, which judge became evil?

Louis Walsh.
Mel B
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell works in 2 other shows which are...

Select the two correct answers
American Idol
The great British bake off.
Britain's got talent.

Do you think you'll pass?

Select the three correct answers
Kind of...