Will you survive the hunger games?

Will you survive the hunger games?

it is the hunger games. Will you win, or die! Find out here if you really dare.

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The gong sounds. will you.....

Run to the trees.
Fight over a knife with a kid who has a knife
Climb onto the cornucopia.
Run around screaming.

You meet a kid in the woods who is sick. Do you.....

Help him. he's just a child.
Run away. the mutts will get him.
Raid his pack then kill him.

You are caught in a fire.

you climb up a tree.
You slide into a stream and put damp cloths over you.
You run like a headless chicken.

You are tracking the careers. They turn and head towards you. Do you....

Run the other way.
Climb a tree and pray they don't see you.
attack them with your sword.( I can handle them.)
Freak out.

Who should you team up with.

Select the two correct answers
a girl who can climb trees.
a boy who killed his mentor in cold blood.
A hunter and medical person.

The capital says you can have one person enter the arena and help you win, or die trying. If you and that person are the last two standing, you both win. Do you choose...

Santa Claus
Toothless from how to train a dragon
Katniss Everdeen
Peter Pan
A wolf that will probably eat you if you show weakness
President Snow, who will murder you if you survive.
You little sister

Which of these is edible and wont kill you.

Select the four correct answers
A duckling.
President Snow(a joke :)
a tracker jacker
another tribute
a harmless piglet
mint leaves