More riddles!

These may be hard. Some people can't even get half of the, right. If you think you're up for the challenge, go for it! Make sure to see the correct answers when you're done!

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Poor people have it, rich people need it, if you don't eat it, you die. Hint: ends in ing

There are 6 fishes in an abandoned house. Three die. How many fish are in the tank still? Put in the number

I cannot walk, I sometimes live underwater. I'm never far from the place I call home. Hint: 5 letters. Not plural.

I have a core and am not good to eat because I WILL burn you. Hint: no a or an

I'm always up to something but am useful, almost everone has me. What am I? Hint: plural

I seem plain but within I hold many wonders if you take a look! Hint: has an a then a space.

I'm far off, but I seem near, you can't wish upon me like the others. Hint: has a the and a space

I'm like you. But not the same. I can be all shapes and sizes, but I'm not a shapeshifter. Each one of me is different. I'm always with you, even when you can see me. People also put me around thier eyes Hint: no a or ans.

i was once living but now I'm dead. I am not sweet. I am prepared often. Hint: no a or ans