Texting abbreviations 2

Test you're texting skills with this quiz. the quiz includes easy and hard abbreviations

published on March 05, 201811 responses 1 2.0★ / 5

what does brb mean

bring rory back
be right back
british round building
be really beautiful

what does btw mean

what does tmi mean

too much information
teach me information
too much insects
tell me improv

what does lmao mean

what does vbg mean

vince bit gary
very bad, girl
very bad goat
very big grin
very bad gin

what does l8r mean

what does np mean

what does icbinb mean

I can bite ice not barbies
i can't believe its not butter
I can't buy ice now, boy
instant coffee is better inside nice bowls

what does fyi mean

what does lylas mean

what does stby mean