60s TV Shows

60s TV Shows

Guess the 1960s TV show from the synopsis. Some shows are familiar, others are more obscure. Good luck!

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"WTF - that guy has pointy ears and we're in Outer Space!"

Gay Vulcans In Bondage
Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
Galaxy Quest

"WTF - we're in Outer Space and I can't find my way home. And why is that robot waving its arms around?"

Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers
Wrong Way Robot
Lost In Space
Space Family Robinson

"WTF - that butler is 7 feet tall and my host is standing on his head!"

The Munsters
The Addams Family
1313 Mockingbird Lane
77 Sunset Strip

"WTF - my girlfriend lives in a bottle!"

Chick in a Bottle
Girl Under Glass
I Dream of Jeannie

"WTF - my wife is a witch!"

I Dream of Jeannie
That Girl
Burn Witch Burn!

"WTF - my girlfriend is a robot!"

Tick Tock Tina
Clockwork Girl
My Living Doll

"WTF - are those cavemen?? Wait until NASA hears about this! Hello, Mission Control? Hello? ...Hello?"

Land of the Lost
Doctor Who
It's About Time
The Flintstones

"WTF - my mother is a car!"

My Mother the Car
Mom Mobile
My Son the Mechanic
Mother Drives Best

"WTF - that guy took a pill and now he's flying by flapping his arms!"

Wonder Man
Captain Marvel
Mr. Amazing
Mr. Terrific

"WTF - it's some nut in his underwear!"

Captain Nice
Wonder Man
Mr. Terrific
Captain Underpants

"WTF - that guy is a vampire, that other guy is a werewolf, and this house is creepy!"

Dark Shadows
House of Shadows
Dracula's Children

"WTF - this technology doesn't exist yet. And why do we live on a train?"

The Wild, Wild West
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Choo Choo Charlie and Professor Gizmo
Left At the Station

"WTF - who left this chess piece here?"

The Chessman
The Knight
Have Gun Will Travel

"WTF - is that Ducky and General Stockwell? They look so young!"

Secret Agent
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Mission: Impossible

"WTF do you mean, 'Be Seeing You?' Why do you keep calling me by a number? And what the hell is that balloon doing?"

Secret Agent
The Village
The Prisoner
Mission: Impossible

"WTF - my tape recorder just exploded! What does 'disavow' mean?"

Doctor Who
Mission: Impossible
Secret Agent
The Delta Files

"WTF - we're in Outer Space, my copilot is a robot, and I'm a puppet!"

Fireball XL-5
Captain Scarlet

"WTF - my girlfriend is a mermaid, and I'm still a puppet!"

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

"WTF - my shoe is ringing!"

Get Smart
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Inspector Gadget
Secret Agent

"WTF - What am I doing on this island, who's the fat guy, and why is the guy in the hat so stupid?"

Fantasy Island
Gilligan's Island
This Island Earth

"WTF - why is this police call box so roomy? And why are those salt and pepper shakers trying to kill me with plungers?"

Doctor Who
Doctor Kildare
Doctor Ben Casey
Car 54, Where Are You?