How much do you know about cats?

Are you interested in cats? Or maybe have a cat? Well, if so get ready to take this quiz to test your knowledge!

published on November 26, 20193 responses 0

Hmmm. Are cats more popular than dogs?

No, dogs are ruling!
Um. Equal?
Yep! Cats got the crown!
Can we skip dis? ... (Me: Ya. Sureee)

Hmmmm. Can cats be left-pawed and right-pawed?

Select the two correct answers
Ha! You think you can fool me? Absolutely not!
Um. I don't think that's a thing. But, sure?
Already got my answer, a nope!!
Yes! That is possible!

Wait.... Do cats talk to each other by meowing?

Ha, I already know this one. Yeppp!
-Cof- If my calculations are correct, the answer is.... no.

Do cats have a third eyelid?

Hold up, wait, excuse me? HOW DUMB DO YOU THINK I AM? OF COURSE NOT!
Erm. Do they even have one? (Me: Dude. Go back to kindergarden)

Do cats sweat? =(

EW! NO! (Me: Seriously, you sweat, too. -Slaps forhead)
Yes. Im pretty sure.
Crap. Uh,idk.

Do you think you got them right?

Nope. Im dumb, and just guessed cause i was bored.
Yes. Im a genius! I know it all! (Me: Shhh. Dont jinx it!)
Idk. Im a birdbrain, so i can be smart or stupid.

Can cats survive 32 story falls?

Oh god, no. Not even on four legs. They would snap them like a gingerbread!
Maybe. Depends on the cat.

Was there a mayor that was actually a cat in Alaska?

No! Only humans can be.
Unless they were dressed up?

How long was the worlds largest cat?

Dang. Idk... um..
About... 48.5 inches long?
90 Inches?
1 centimeter.

Can cats be lactose intolerant?

Yes. Of course.
No. We give them it all the time.
Maybe. No. Yes? Idk!!!

Can cats use their whiskers to detect things?

Mhm. I think they can, wait. Maybe not.
YASSSSSSS! That is sick! Yes, they can!

How many degrees can a cat move it's ears?

180 degrees?
1 degree!!!