Digital marketing Quiz

Digital marketing Quiz

Here is some IQ level testing , All you need to score 85 % to prove yourself a Way better

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1. The maximum number of characters per Tweet is?

a. 145
b. 120
c. 140
d. 150

2. What percentage of consumers regularly or occasionally go online to conduct research before making an in-store purchase?

a. 10 percent
b. 30 percent
c. 40 percent
d. 75 percent

3. On average 51% of traffic comes to websites from?

a. Paid search
b. Referring domains
c. Organic search
d. Social media

4. What is the best way to increase engagement on your website?

a. Make website design as simple as possible and introduce intuitive navigation elements and flash modules
b. Have a lot of useful text to read
c. Have a lot of pages with image galleries
d. Make your website interactive combining different types of assets like images, quizzes, downloads, videos, and audio

5. What’s the new artificial intelligence that’s now processing a “very large fraction” of queries on Google?

a. MindRank
b. PageRank
c. Google Panda
d. Google Phantom
e. RankBrain

6. What is the right sequence of stages in the marketing funnel?

a. Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Consideration, Purchase
b. Interest, Consideration, Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase
c. Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase
d. Intent, Interest, Awareness, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase

7. What is the true difference between desktop and mobile marketing?

a. Desktop marketing is better for social engagement
b. Mobile marketing works better for location-based marketing
c. Desktop and mobile marketing have the same efficiency in terms of conversion rates

8. HTTP is more secure than HTTPS

a. True
b. False

9. What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

a. SEO generates organic traffic while PPC is used for branding
b. SEO falls under SEM, PPC is a part of Analytics
c. PPC is usually faster, SEO success sustains better long-term
d. PPC has direct influence on domain authority, SEO has only indirect effect

10. Because of the rapid growth of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, social media needs to be a key element of your digital strategy

a. Yes, it should be the main element
b. Yes, it needs to be in the strategy, but it will be the least important one
c. It depends on your business and objectives

11. Which of these is an SEO certification?

a. BrightEdge Certification
b. Google Analytics IQ
c. AMA’s Professional Certified Marketer
d. PMP e. Hubspot Inbound Certification

12. What is a CRM?

a. Customer Redemption Management
b. Customer Relationship Management
c. Customer ROI Measurement

13. Marketing persona is ?

a. Your existing customer that buys the most of your services
b. A representation of the goals and behaviors of a group of users
c. Your highest converting prospect at the moment

14. What is the difference between Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting?

a. They are practically the same thing
b. Search retargeting is targeting individuals who have searched for relevant terms, site retargeting targets site visitors
c. Site retargeting is more efficient at driving people to your website than search retargeting
d. Site retargeting is targeting individuals who have searched for relevant terms, search retargeting is targets individuals who have visited your site and
then left without completing a certain action

15. What is a new advertising medium that is in the US top-3 fastest growing?

a. Cable television
b. Ads in supermarkets
c. Cinema advertising
d. Ads on taxi tops