How well do you know the english language?

How well do you know the english language?

Find out how much you know this language, have fun. No GOOGLING pliz lets keep it interesting...,

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What is a phacochere?

type of cockroach
a fish
a warthog
an illiterate person
theres no such thing

What is a minx

Select the two correct answers
an italian dish
a flirtatious young woman
type of spice
an impudent young woman

What is magenta

a sauce
a hat
an amphibian
a colour

Complete the proverb..."Once bitten..."

twice shy
always careful
twice warned
forever bitter

A prson with a green hand is...

A teetotaller is..

a roadblock
a non-alcoholic person
there is no such word

What is a philanthropist

a person who loves mankind
an opra singer
one who suddies books