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What is meiosis?

A scientific way to identify chemicals.
Another word for mitosis.
The process of reproduction.

Is meiosis a cycle?


What is meiosis's job?

It helps organelles get food and oxygen.
Meiosis is a process during which exchange of genetic material between the homolog chromosomes (crossing over and recombination) takes place, and such a division of the genetical material occurs the four daughercells.
Meiosis is a chemical that releases toxins into the brain, causing you to have hormones, nausea, and other physical changes. This may last 3-4 months until it has been cured. It is a slow process but it will affect your vision as well as your appearance.

Will meiosis become extinct?

Yes, very soon.
No, it is a way of reproduction, it's not something that ends.
It depends, if people get too old to continue, yes.

Complete the sentence:
Meiosis is a process of _______.

Analyzing cells.
Complete chaos.

What do you need for meiosis to occur?

A baseball bobble head doll.
Water, salt, and fire.
A man and a woman.

What is the difference between meiosis and mitosis?

There is no difference.
Mitosis is a process of cell division with the result of 2 genetically identical daughter cells, developing from a single parent. Meiosis is the cell division of a germ cell involving 2 fissions of the nucleus and giving rise to 4 gametes, or sex cells, and each possessing half the number of chromosomes as the original cell.
They don't have much difference, but meiosis is sexual, and mitosis anti sexual.