Middle Ages

Middle Ages

9th grade Unit 2 Medieval ages. Driving question in what ways did Power/Authority,conflict,interaction or Innovations develop similar or differently throughout the Middle Ages

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How large was the Mongol Empire

Compromise of all of Europe
Only China
Compromise of land from Europe and Asia
All of Asia

Why were the Mongols able to conquer several civilizations

What were the accomplishments of the Mongols

Select the four correct answers
Founder of the religion Islam
Created an Empire from Eastern Europe to Pacific coast of Asia
Reestablished trade along the Silk Road
Took control over Japan
Explored the new world
First Empire to have complete control over China
Developed a tribute system

What was the purpose of the Great Wall in China

To stop people from going out of China
To protect them from Japan
Protect the Chinese from the nomadic tribes of Northern and Central Asia
To keep people from coming into their civilization

Why were the Mongols unable to conquer Japan

Lack of military skills
Small army
Japan was an island and isolated

What impact did the Mongol have on changing China civilization

Les interaction with civilizations
Formed a centralized state
Revitalize the Silk Road and trade routes, implemented peace throughout the empire

Did the Mongols contribute to the culture diffusion by conquering various civilizations

What impact did the Mongols have on the silk trade routes

Caused people to be rich from Trading
Revolutionize Warfare
Increase the amount of trade

West African kingdoms was successful in trade because they control the trade routes across the Sahara


Mansa Musa ruled a simple civilization


How was Mali under the rule of Mansa Musa?


How was Zheng He treated under the Ming Dynasty

Who was Zheng

Did Zheng He travels depicted that China had an advanced navigation technology


What religion did the Ottoman Empire practice


What achievements are most closely associated with the Tang and Song dynasties of China

Select the four correct answers
Ming: Foreign rulers were overthrown
Gunpowder and moable wooden type
Discovered silk
Admiral hinge he established trade links
Built Great Wall of China
Civil service exams tang/son dynasties

Shoguns and daimyos held most power in Japanese feudal period. True or false


What was the results of the Crusades

Select the two correct answers
Caused European military force to lack
Lead to age of exploration because of the development of the new economic interest for Europe
War introduced Europeans to different product in Asia
Christians and Muslim War settled conflict in to peace

What was an important long-term results of the Crusades in the Middle East

Increased tension between Muslims and Christians
Revolutionize Warfare
Increase interaction with Europe and Asia

How did the Christian Church view the Crusades

Capture the holy land from Islamic rulers
Stop Islamic religion
Spread Christianity

What were the Crusades

Why did Europeans fight the Crusades

Select the four correct answers
Desire to release Federal obligation
Fight for freedom
Defense of the Holy Land
Abolish Islam
Forgiveness of sins
Desire of wealth from the Middle East
Protect their families from Islam

People joined in fight in the Crusades because of their faith


Feudalism is the type of government....

Ruled by dictator
Social class system clearly defined
Road king and queen

What did the Eastern portion of the Roman Empire became known as

What was the Byzantine Empire

Eastern portion of Roman Empire that preserved Greek and Rome learnings.Passed it on to Western and Eastern Europe
Western portion of Roman that preserve Greek and Rome learnings. Passed it on to Western and Eastern Europe

What was the center of trade in the Byzantine Empire