Are you REALLY a dorky fan of Dork diaries?

Are you a fan of the Dork diaires series? If you are, come and take this quiz and test your knowledge!

published on April 07, 201613 responses 5

Her name is....

Nikki Maxwell
Nikki Roberts
Mackenzie Maxwell

Her enemy is... (Full name)

Her Best friends:

Select the two correct answers

What's the first book called?

Dork diaries: Tv Star
Just dork diaries
Dor diaries: Party time

In which book does she have to be a mouse at a party?

Party time
Once upon a dork
Dear dork

What's the title of the bopok where she goes to a 'dream world' and which book is it?

Select the two correct answers
Once upon a dork
Dorky Princess
7th book
8th book

Lastly, Mackenzie's friend is called...