Would you survive me?

Hey, guys! Jenn the killer here! Remember to follow me and go to SLEEP! >:3

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You wake up in a dark room and you can barely see in front of you. When you see a little glint of light, you move torwarda it, only to find out that you've been chained to the wall. You see a girl about your age and you start to speak, but she looks up, causing your mouth to drop wide open. Her face has a deep cut for a smile all the way to her ears, and her hair is burnt black.. And her skin is so pale, the light bounces off her face. Her eyes where black, and she had... Cut off her eyelids..? She was tied in a chair. " hey, kid. The names Jenn.. Mind helpin me out here?" You flinch when she speaks.. She is in your reach, you get up to untie her, but you notice a knife in her hand.... What do you do?

Still get her..
Take no chances and sit back down..
Make a run for it..
Me: there is no way out.. MUAHAHA >:D

You untie her, and she grabs the knife and points it at you.. She jumps on you by surprise and your mouth hangs open. She had a smirk on her face, and her eyes where squinted.. She had the knife to your chest... You do.?

Select the two correct answers
Push her off and make her mad..
Take my fate and die..
Punch her so I can tease her..

You push her off and she lunges torwards you and you fall on the wall and notice it's a door. You fall through the the door only to be greeted by the woods. You see a tall woman with no face and a black suit and a skirt on. You scream forgetting about what had just happened. The tall figure lunges on you, who you are laying on the floor. You..?

Select the two correct answers
Punch the tall figure and run away..
Push that ugly 'thing' off of me..
Do nothing and wait for death..

You punch the tall woman off of you and you notice a tentacle wrapped around you.. Jenn shoves you to the ground, and she is pinning you to the ground by now. She raises her knife.. You do what..?

Select the two correct answers
Catch the knife like a bad ass..
Wait for her to wimp out..
Wait for death..

She brings the knife down and you catch it like a bad ass, you grab the knife and she and the tall woman -- 'thing' -- run off deeper into the woods.. You actually survived!! What do you do now?

Select the two correct answers
Celebrate with my friend without telling them why..
Call the police to do a search..
Tell everyone you know to protect you..

Hi guys! I hoped you loved my quiz! Remember to follow and GO TO SLEEP!! xoxo -Jennthekiller