Common sense quiz!

Hi! This is a quiz to test your common sense! I am sorry if this offended anyone but please know this was not meant to Teese it was just a simple quiz! Thanks!

published on January 14, 201714 responses 2 3.5★ / 5

If there is a fire you...

Get any liquid and throw it at the fire. Me: gass as well?
Stay. Away. From. The. Fire....
Sit and watch it burn

What is 2 + 2?

Was that last answer hard to come by?

What do you mean peep?
I like cheesecake
No not at ALL!

This is kinda harder then the last one's!
What are the first 7 numbers to Pi?

Mmmmm, pie....

If I make bread what will the colour be?

Select the two correct answers
White ish!
Kind of cream coloured


Was the last answer hard to come by?

Yep but I did it!
Wait what! Where did the pie go?

Cya! Hope you liked this quiz to test your common sense!

Can I go get pie now? Me: yes if you have pie in the fridge (or on a plate)