How Much You Know About Vawsum?

How Much You Know About Vawsum?

Let's make a fun game, let's see if you really know about Vawsum. Vawsum is a parent-teacher engagement app which is a leap towards digital India.

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What Vawsum does actually?

Breaks parent-teacher relationship
Helps students to pass in exams without
Works as a parent-teacher engagement app
to increase the transparency between
school and home

We are existing in India at

1 School
100 Schools
700+ Schools

Vawsum works as a

Digital notebook
Paperless diary
Smart school

Extra feature Vawsum has that WhatsApp doesn't have

Diary maintain, creating polls, marks and attendance
Live stream, email service, making free calls, do not disturb mode
Watching live sports, download unlimited songs, giving others challenges

Vawsum's attendance module works to

Help teachers to skip classes
Increase the attendance of students even if they are absent
Let parents know the real time attendance of each class