Would you survive a day at my school?

Would you survive a day at my school?

The title says it all. No hate please. Comment, like & Follow. Be warned my school is like a jungle.

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Role play! You walk into the gates and a seemingly nerdy new kid approaches you and asks if you can show her around. What do you say back?

Sure you seem nice
ewwww no way
ask someone else wierdo

say you picked the first answer later that day a boy comes up to you and asks why you were hanging out with the new kid what do you do?

run away
reply with "why do you care?"
start a dissing match

A popular but mean boy asks you out you reply with...

fdsby5vtt5bnuma3iw lw[sol[p32qo g[4pnh?

kiysab7`mp xdfbgkdnogf
ku cxnjbg,fel-v? n,vc8f,mvjhn,bnv8fv mhiosjnujh bnjhj


Select the three correct answers
ni xj