What does Springtrap think of you? (1)

That’s right! It’s in the title! What will Springtrap think of you? You will find out in this quiz!

published on May 14, 20195 responses 0

Me: Hi! Today me and my best friend Springtrap are gonna ask you some questions! Are you ready?

You: N-no..
Me: It’s ok! Don’t worry! We won’t bite.
You: Heck yea! Let’s get this thing
Me: Well someone’s excited!
You: Sure
Me: Ok

Me: Ok! Springtrap? Will you do the honor of asking first?
Springtrap: Sure. *turns to you* What is your favorite color?
Me: Why is everyone scared of that question?
Springtrap: I don’t know.

Me: Ok. Ima leave you two alone to get to know each other. Springtrap, you ask the questions.
Springtrap: Fine by me. *turns to you* Do you think I’m evil?

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You: No! Not from what I’m seeing!
Springtrap: Thanks! :3
You: I don’t know..a lot of my friends said you were....
Springtrap: Oh...ok....
You: ...........
Springtrap: Why are you nervous?

Springtrap: Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

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You: No. I’m fine. I don’t wanna know anything secret or stuff.
Springtrap: Ok. Just asking.
You: Sure. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Springtrap: Nothing much. I gave up on jumpscaring when I met my gf Funtime Foxy; the one who just left the room.
You: Umm...
Springtrap: Hello? Are you ok?

Springtrap: Here’s a question. If you could, would you go out on a date with me?

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You: But you said you have a gf.
Springtrap: I said IF.
You: Nah. I wouldn’t want to.
Springtrap: Ok. I’m fine with that.
You: Yea. You are my favorite anamatronic!
Springtrap: Thanks. Your nice.

Me: *walks back in*
Springtrap: Hey Funtime Foxy.
Me: Hey. Is it my turn?
Springtrap: Yea.
Me: Yay! Ok. Y/n, what is you hobby?

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You: Reading
Me: I love to do that too.
You: Drawing
Me: Same here!
You: Listening to music!
Me: We have another Bonnie.

Springtrap: My turn!
Me: Ok.
Springtrap: Which holiday is your favorite?

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You: Valentines Day!
Me and Springtrap: Same here!
You: Halloween!
Springtrap: Then you should come here more often.
Me: *giggles*
You: Mardi Gras!
Springtrap: That’s cool.

Me: My turn Springy!
Springtrap: Ok.
Me: Ok y/n, which Bonnie do you think is the cutest?

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You: Withered Bonnie
Me: Good choice
You: Bon Bon!!!
Me: Seems like we got a fan!
You: Nightmare Bonnie
Springtrap: Again, then you should visit here more often.

Me: Ok! It’s almost the end of the quiz! What did you think of it, y/n?

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You: Awesome!!!
Me: Thanks this is my first one!!
You: Could be better..
Me: ....
You: It’s not good, but not bad.
Me: Oh...ok....

Me: Ok! That’s all for now!!! Sorry the quiz was so sort but I’ll make another one soon!!
Springtrap: Later!!

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You: Awww! Over already!!
Me: Sorry! I promise I’ll make another one.
You: Good! It’s over!
Me: I’d you hated it so much then why did you bother taking it?
You: Ok! Bye!!!!!
Me and Springtrap: Bye!! Talk to you later!!!