What does Springtrap think of you? (1)

That’s right! It’s in the title! What will Springtrap think of you? You will find out in this quiz!

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Me: Hi! Today me and my best friend Springtrap are gonna ask you some questions! Are you ready?

You: N-no..
Me: It’s ok! Don’t worry! We won’t bite.
You: Heck yea! Let’s get this thing
Me: Well someone’s excited!
You: Sure
Me: Ok

Me: Ok! Springtrap? Will you do the honor of asking first?
Springtrap: Sure. *turns to you* What is your favorite color?
Me: Why is everyone scared of that question?
Springtrap: I don’t know.

Me: Ok. Ima leave you two alone to get to know each other. Springtrap, you ask the questions.
Springtrap: Fine by me. *turns to you* Do you think I’m evil?

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You: No! Not from what I’m seeing!
Springtrap: Thanks! :3
You: I don’t know..a lot of my friends said you were....
Springtrap: Oh...ok....
You: ...........
Springtrap: Why are you nervous?

Springtrap: Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

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You: No. I’m fine. I don’t wanna know anything secret or stuff.
Springtrap: Ok. Just asking.
You: Sure. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Springtrap: Nothing much. I gave up on jumpscaring when I met my gf Funtime Foxy; the one who just left the room.
You: Umm...
Springtrap: Hello? Are you ok?

Springtrap: Here’s a question. If you could, would you go out on a date with me?

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You: But you said you have a gf.
Springtrap: I said IF.
You: Nah. I wouldn’t want to.
Springtrap: Ok. I’m fine with that.
You: Yea. You are my favorite anamatronic!
Springtrap: Thanks. Your nice.

Me: *walks back in*
Springtrap: Hey Funtime Foxy.
Me: Hey. Is it my turn?
Springtrap: Yea.
Me: Yay! Ok. Y/n, what is you hobby?

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You: Reading
Me: I love to do that too.
You: Drawing
Me: Same here!
You: Listening to music!
Me: We have another Bonnie.

Springtrap: My turn!
Me: Ok.
Springtrap: Which holiday is your favorite?

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You: Valentines Day!
Me and Springtrap: Same here!
You: Halloween!
Springtrap: Then you should come here more often.
Me: *giggles*
You: Mardi Gras!
Springtrap: That’s cool.

Me: My turn Springy!
Springtrap: Ok.
Me: Ok y/n, which Bonnie do you think is the cutest?

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You: Withered Bonnie
Me: Good choice
You: Bon Bon!!!
Me: Seems like we got a fan!
You: Nightmare Bonnie
Springtrap: Again, then you should visit here more often.

Me: Ok! It’s almost the end of the quiz! What did you think of it, y/n?

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You: Awesome!!!
Me: Thanks this is my first one!!
You: Could be better..
Me: ....
You: It’s not good, but not bad.
Me: Oh...ok....

Me: Ok! That’s all for now!!! Sorry the quiz was so sort but I’ll make another one soon!!
Springtrap: Later!!

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You: Awww! Over already!!
Me: Sorry! I promise I’ll make another one.
You: Good! It’s over!
Me: I’d you hated it so much then why did you bother taking it?
You: Ok! Bye!!!!!
Me and Springtrap: Bye!! Talk to you later!!!