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The original name of the Semtokha Dzong is....

Tashichho dzong
Sanga Zhabten Phodrang Dzong
senmodokha dzong

In which year was Drugyal Dzong built?

In which year was Drugyal Dzong built?

If Jar is summer and Guen is winter in Dzongkha, what is Sokha and serkha respectively?

spring and summer
spring and autumn
autumn and spring
autumn and winter

who is chief of Anti-Corruption Commissioner of Bhutan 2015?

Dasho Neten Zangmo
Dasho Kinley Yangdon
Dasho Kinley Yangzom

what is yangpai lopen (one of five lamas appointed in central monastic body) now called as?

Yangpai lopen
Gaytshog lopen
Letshog lopen
Dratshang lopen

who is Chief Election Commissioner of bhutan 2015?

Dasho Chogyal Dago Rigzin
Dasho kinzang wangdi
Dasho Neten Zam

what is national emblem of bhutan called as?

dorji jadram
Druk khathab
drukpa lhagyelo

Which four areas, based on the four cardinal directions, comprise the Lhomon Khazhi?

Sha Dungsam kha, Jang Paksam kha, Nub Dali kha and Lho Taktse kha
Nub Dungsam kha, Lho Paksam kha, ShaDali kha and Jang Taktse kha
Sha Dungsam kha, Lho Paksam kha, Nub Dali kha and Jang Taktse kha

If Italy loves lilly, india loves lotus, and Nepal love Rhododendron arboreum (lali guransh), then bhutan should love....

Tulip (Tulipa)
Blue poppy (Meconopsis)

Bhutan is approximately 300 km in length. What is the approximate width?

150 km
140 km
145 km