The Song Guessing Game [HARD]

Try to guess these songs and fill in the blanks. :D Have fuuun! BTW This is hard. Sorta. :''o

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Fill in the blank: Let _ Go

Select the two correct answers
Let Her go!
Let me go!
Let it Go!

Guess the song: 'I see those magazine, workin that Photo-Shop'

All About That Bass
I will always love you
Uptown Funk

Guess the song: I'm gonna pop some tags...

Blank Space
Thrift Shop

Fill in the blank: __ Awake

Wide Awake
Not Awake
Already Awake

Guess the song: These guys sitting on the wall...

Lips are movin'
Darude- Sandstorm (Just a troll ;D)

Name the song: That kind'a Lux just ain't for us

What is the band that sings this lyric? 'If your with me lemme see your hands'

Little Mix
Fifth Harmony

What is the band that sings this lyric? 'Your turning heads when you walk through the door'

1D -_-
5SOS -_-''
Union J

Name the artist that sings this lyric: 'You sayin that you know, But I really really doubt you' (BTW There is a space between the name)

Pick the Artist and Song name from this: 'Aint it funny, rumours fly? And I know you heard about me...'

Select the two correct answers
Jessie J
Price Tag
Taylor Swift
Break Free
Blank Space
Ariana Grande
All about that bass