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Aim of the education is to make the students self dependent.hence, to develop this attribute in the students

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The results of a research investigation can be presented in a number of ways namely,?%

Hint: 1 choice
A) a technical report
B) a popular report
C) monograph
D) all of the above

What is the third step, while writting a research paper ?

Hint: 1 choice
A) formulating the research hypothesis
B) testing a hypothesis
C) preparing research design

Theory of lamarck:lamarckism

Hint: 1 choice
Theory of inheritance of acquired characters
Mutation theory
Theory of natural selection

According to Darwin when more individuals are born and all of them survive, then there is strong competition for space and food. This increases what?

Hint: 1 choice
A)Inter-specific struggle
B) Intra-specific struggle
C) Struggle with environment and inanimate nature
D) all of the above

Modern evidence indicates that around 13 billion years ago the universe came into existence through titanic explosions called as

Hint: 1 choice
Solar nebula
Big bang
String theory

Define the term 'species' which refers to a group of individual where?

Hint: 1 choice
There is a flow of gene
Mutation with in the cell
Variation with in the cell

What is a gene pool

If all the Gene's in all the individuals of a population are
summed up, the resultant is known as gene pool
Due to meiotic cell division during gametogenesis the
genetic pool is reduced to half and known as gene

Reproductive isolation can be grouped into two main categories such as?

Hint: 1 choice
A) habitat isolation or ecological isolation
B) Seasonal isolation or temporal isolation
C) pre-zygotic or post zygotic isolation
D) gemetic mortality or hybrid inviablity isloation

Species is the fundamental unit in the classification of animals. There are how many main concepts of species

Hint: 1 choice
Non of the above

A research paper Is incomplete without the list of references that are mention in it. One should prepare a draft of??

Hint: 1 choice
A) materials and methods
B) bibliography
C) Acknowledgement