Crossed Worlds

Starclaw is a sixteen year old girl who is form New York, accidently opened a portel and she jumped in and she has visited many worlds!

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What was the first world, Starclaw visited?

Techno The Cyborg, about a boy who had a disease and became a cyborg
Akiras Galaxy, a boy named Maxwell, "Max or Akira" and he has lots of missions
The Cat and The Wolf, about a cat named Moonshine and about how she has a evil brother, a nice young sister
and a best friend. Starclaw.

How many best friends does Starclaw have?

A whole lot! She has met so many!
A few not a whole lot
Not that many
Not at all

What does DJ do to help Starclaw?

He stands up to Red and he helps Starclaw
He gives her chocolate
He doesn't do anything

How does Starclaw meet Techno?

She tripped and fell on him
She saw him and attacked him
She found him

True or False?
Akira and Starclaw used to be rivals


Why is Starclaws ememies with Sid?

She doesn't like him
She's jealous that he's smarter then her
She just doesn't like him

What is it called when you have three people and two people go off and be bffs?

Threes A Crowd
Left out
I have no idea

Why do DJ and Red hang out and leave starclaw out?

Red leaves her out on purpose and DJ doesn't realize he's leaving her out
Red accidentally left her out and so did DJ
Red leaves her out cause he thinks she's not cool and DJ leaves her out too

What is Starclaws real name?

Victoria Crystal Acxkon
Vicky Small Roberson
Shawn Emily Johnson

What did Starclaw learn form all the worlds she's visited?

She was kinda selfish and she learned how to make friends and she learned how to control her claws and her spell
She learned about my little pony
She didn't learn anything