How Much Do You Know About Rock music?

Discover how much you actually know about rock music! You might think you know a lot but you actually don't.

published on June 03, 20172 responses 2

What rock band played with bob Dylan?

The Band
The Clash
The white Stripes
The Beatles

Which Bob Dylan song was awarded best rock song of the modern history?

I don't know
Ballad of a thin man
Like a rolling stone

who sang the song don't worry be happy?

Bobby McFerrin
Pharrel Williams

What artist wrote ball and biscuit?

The beach boys
The White stripes
The clash

What's Australia's most famous rock band ever?

Midnight Oil
Nick cave

What rock band wrote Sgt peppers lonely hearts album?

The beatles
The clash
Jimi hendrix

What's the name of BB kings guitar?

The Seal
Magic mummer

What is bob Dylan's real name? Remember to put capital letters for the start of each of his names!

We're was the Beatles last concert

A rooftop in Liverpool
A basement in Brisbane

Does Jimi Hendrix play left handed or right handed?

Don't know