Network + Devices and Layers

Concentrates on questions that may appear on CompTIA Network + exam including device and OSI layer.

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Which is not an advantage of network segmentation?

Reduced congestion
Improved security
Preventing broadcast storms

Which device by default does not forward any broadcast or multicast packets?


A network device that is used to connect multiple devices together without segmenting a network is?

Wireless access point

Which device does not aid in network segmentation?


This layer creates a virtual circuit before transmitting between two end stations.

A layer-3 switch, or multilayer switch.

This device can never run full duplex.

Logical addressing is used at this layer.

Which type of server in your network uses pointer and A records?

NAT translation server
IPS/IDS server
DNS Server

What is a benefit of a multilayer switch (MLS) over a Layer 2 switch?

Less bandwidth
Routing functions
Fewer features

This device can measure the distance to a remote network.

This layer supports flow control and sequencing.

What role does the A record in a Domain Name Service server have in your network?

Translates human name to IP address
Translates IP address to human name
Enables printing, copying, and faxing from one device

Ethernet is defined at these layers.

Hardware addresses are defined at this layer.

This device breaks up collision domains and broadcast domains.

Which of the following devices can work at both Layers 2 and 3 of the OSI model?


Which is not a common term associated with modems?


This devices uses hardware addresses to filter a network.

This device sends a receives information about the Network layer.

Users on your network are saturating your bandwidth because they are using too many nonwork related sites. What device would limit the availability of the types of sites that users on a LAN have access to while providing granular control over the traffic between the local LAN and the internet?

DHCP server
DNS server
Proxy server

What is the primary function of a bridge?

Allows mobile users to connect to a wired network wirelessly.
Breaks up collision domains.

What is the most common use for a web proxy?

Web cache
Increases throughput
Supports user authentication

You need a device that detects and reports attempts of unauthorized access to your network, identifies suspicious activity, and is best for identifying an attack. Which device should you install?


Which device is used to segment a network?


Users arrive at the office after a weekend and the hosts that were shut down over the weekend are restarted but cannot access the LAN or internet. Hosts were not shut down are working fine. Where can the problem be?

The DNS server
The DHCP server
The Proxy server

What advantage does a switch have over a hub?

Transmission received on one port will be sent out all other ports
It recognizes frame boundaries and destination MAC addresses of incoming frames.
It discards frames.

Which device creates separate collision domains and a single broadcast domain?


This device creates one big collision domain and one large broadcast domain.

What is the function of a firewall?

Protects LAN resources from attackers on the internet.
Reduces throughput.
Provides extra bandwidth.

This device creates many smaller collision domains, but the network is still one large broadcast domain.

What device should be used if you need to send incoming packets to one or more machines that are hidden behind a single IP address?

Load balancer

What is an advantage of using DHCP in a network environment?

Assigns IP address to hosts
Static IP addressing
More difficult administration of the network.