Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

Have you watched the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1/2? Test your basic knowledge on breaking dawn.

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What is bella wearing at the beginning of breaking dawn part 2?

A black dress
A blue dress
A purple dress
A skirt
jeans and a top

What is the first scene in breaking dawn part 1?

Bella's eye
Jacob and Renesmee
Jacob taking his shirt off and running

Which of these is false?

bella and edward get married and have a baby girl
jacob would do anything for renesmee
charlie and billy are not friends

When Bella is a vampire and trying to act human, Alica says she doing good, what does jacob say next?

For a robot
For a vampire
For a cartoon charecter

What does bella eat to much of, on her honeymoon?


Who plays Renesmee?

Mckenzie Fowye
mackenzie Foye
Mickenzie Foy
Mackenzie Foy
Mckenzie Foy

What does Charlie and renee think of the cullens collection of graduation caps?

Charlie thinks its weird. Renee thinks its creative
Charlie thinks its creative. Renee thinks its weird
They both think its amazing
They both hate it and think its completely mad

Emmett believes he is the strongest when bella and emmett have an arm wrestle, emmett is so sure he is going to win. Who does?

They drew

Who dies in breaking dawn part 2?

Carlisle and Jasper
All of the cullens
Zenna and Benjamin
bella and renesmee
Rosalie an Aro
Renesmee and Edward

What year was breaking dawn part 2 filmed?