Marilyn Monroe Quiz!

Marilyn Monroe Quiz!

How Well do you know Marilyn Monroe? Try this quiz, & I will tell you if you know her Good or no :)!

published on January 31, 20137 responses 0

When was Marilyn Monroe Born?

June 20,1920
June 1, 1926
August, 50 2020
What Am I suppost to know O.o
Wait, uhm I'll Google it :)!

When Did Marilyn Monroe Die? :,(

October 30, 1960
January 5, 1965
August 5, 1962

How did marilyn monroe Die?

Overdose! Duhh, everyone knows that!
Government made it look like an overdose, but they druged her & she
What was in her DRINK!:D!
What am I suppost! To know!
I'll google it!

What was Marilyn Monroe?

Actress :)! Singer
Model:)! Sex Symbol
Actress, Model, Sex Symbol, Singer

What Disorder was suspected from Marilyn Monroe?

What Disorder was suspected from Marilyn Monroe?
No! She was perfect!
No, ones perfect she probably had Aspergers
Bipolar Disorder
Wtf? o.O
What am I suppost to know?