An online quiz about online quizzes

Complete this quiz after watching Lise's online video about online quizzes

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For informal assessment of learning, ideally online quizzes should:

Select the one correct answers
be for marks
relate to a limited amount of course content
be used for summative assessment

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of online quizzes:

Select the one correct answers
instant feedback for students
less paper
less marking for the instructor
limited application

What levels of learning (as per Bloom's taxonomy) would most easily be assessed by online quizzes?

Select the one correct answers
recall, and comprehension
recall, application, and synthesis
comprehension, and evaluation
all of the above
none of the above

Lise feels that online quizzes would most effectively be used for informal assessment if they:

Select the one correct answers
avoid time limits and allow multiple attempts
provide instrant feedback to learners
focus on alternate response or multiple choice quesitons
are monitored by instructors
b and d
all of these above

To ensure consequence validity

Select the one correct answers
Test only what was taught
Assure learners that the quiz is not for marks
Assess learning about things they need to know
Make sure questions are clear