Basic Design Developer Knowledge

Basic Design Developer Knowledge

All Design Developers must have basic computer and game knowledge to beta test Last Moon without any problems. This is just a basic quiz to prove that you have that knowledge.

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You're unable to be online or active for a certain amount of time.
What do you do?

Ask a member to pass on the message to the DD leader that I won't be
on for a while.
PM or in some way contact the DD leader and let them know when and
how long I will not be present for.
I do not need to let anyone know I will be absent for a while unless it's
for a long time.

You understand and agree that even though you are a Design Developer, if a regular user submits something to be put into the game that you have already made but the user has put more effort into their submission, theirs will be the one to be put ingame.

I understand and will not complain, although I am allowed to try even
harder to make mine better than theirs.
I am the DD, mine should be put ingame no matter what.

You want to retexture an item/prey but do not know if you have permission to do that to this model.
What do you do?

I retexture it anyway and hope that I am allowed to so it can get
added into the game.
I ask the DD leader for permission to edit the texture.

When you're given a update download to beta test but that download came with no installer or instructions on how to install it, what do you do with the folders named 'game' 'scripts' 'terrain's etc in the beta test zip?

Replace the ones in the game folder with the beta test ones.
The newly downloaded 'terrains' folder completely replaces the terrains
in game > media > terrains.
Open the new beta test folders and copy/cut everything inside them
and paste them into the right game folders.
Both above options work.

Select one of the below options.
How many other servers do you work as a DD for?

Select the one correct answers
3 or more

You understand and agree that everything you make to be submitted to the game is the games property and even if you quit, you creations will not be removed unless otherwise specified.

I do.
If I decide to leave or quit, I expect my contributions to be removed
from the game.

You have read and agree with both the game and forum rules.

I have and do.
I haven't and/or don't.

True or False?
Being a Design Developer means you are able to take on the role of a moderator if someone does something wrong and no mod/admin is online.

False, although I am allowed to tell that person to stop misbehaving
and report them to an admin.
True, I have every right to tell that person off even though I do not
have the commands of a mod although I will still report them to a mod

You do not agree with the DD leaders choice of a certain new DD member.

I will let the DD leader know why I do not appreciate this person on our
I will quit the team with no complaints.
I will speak to this new member and try to convince them to leave the

True or False?

Since you're a Design Developer, you have permission to edit anything in the games media folders, including where portals are placed, what music you want etc.


You have edited a file and have gotten an error in the game.
What do you do?

I have a backup of the file I edited and will put that back into the game
until I work out why my edits don't work.
I will PM the DD leader or one of my team mates straight away and ask
for help.
Redownload the game completely.

Every Design Developer is assigned to a main role, 'Texture Artist', 'Map Maker' etc.
Even though that is your main role, does that mean you are not allowed to do other things for the game?

Yes. I will not do anything else other than what I am meant to.
No, I am allowed to do other things as long as I have permission.