CCNA 100-150 - 2

CCNA 100-150 - 2

126. Refer to the exhibit. What is the maximum number of VLANs that can be deleted from the Switch as it is configured?

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126. Refer to the exhibit. What is the maximum number of VLANs that can be deleted
from the Switch as it is configured?


127. Refer to the exhibit. A new switch, SW3, has been added to the network. The
network administrator determines that VLAN information is not propagating to SW3.
Which command will remedy the problem?

SW1(config)# vtp version 1
SW2(config)# vtp mode client
SW3(config)# vtp domain Cisco1
SW3(config)# vtp mode transparent

128. What advantage does cut-through switching provide?

It enables QoS
It forwards frames quickly.
It provides an analysis of frames.
It allows reduction of traffic by using error checking to drop corrupt frames.

129. Why is MAC address filtering considered a poor choice in securing a WLAN?

Available bandwidth is reduced.
MAC addresses are easily spoofed.
APs are more susceptible to DoS attacks.
The payload encryption is easily broken.

130. Refer to the exhibit. The commands are entered into switch SW1 as shown, and an
802.1q trunk is successfully established. How does switch SW1 handle the untagged
traffic that is destined for the trunk?

SW1 will drop all untagged traffic.
SW1 will send all untagged traffic to VLAN 1.
SW1 will send all untagged traffic to VLAN 25.
SW1 will send untagged traffic to all VLANs that are configured on the trunk.

131. Which type of traffic can still be received on a switch interface that is in STP
blocking mode?

BPDU frames
multicast frames
broadcast frames
Layer 3 packets

132. In a three-layer hierarchical network design, which distribution layer function
delineates broadcast domains?

routing between VLANs
aggregating traffic flows
providing redundant links
reducing the network diameter

133. Why is it advisable that a network administrator use SSH instead of Telnet when
managing switches?

SSH uses TCP whereas Telnet does not.
SSH encrypts only the username and password when logging in.
SSH encrypts all remote management communications whereas Telnet does not.
SSH sends a clear text message steam which reduces the bandwidth use for management.

134. Which service should be disabled on a Cisco switch or router to prevent packet
sniffers from capturing information about the device?


135. Which switch forwarding method should be used on a network that employs frame
classification based on an assigned Quality of Service (QoS) value?


136. Refer to the exhibit. The broadcast traffic from PC1 is consuming bandwidth on the
interswitch trunks. What should be done to prevent this from happening?

Move PC1 to a port on SW3.
Move PC2 to a port on SW3.
Move PC1 to a port on SW2.
Enable pruning for VLAN10 on the VTP server.
Associate PC1 as a member of a new VLAN.

137. Refer to the exhibit. All switch interfaces are members of the same VLAN. What
information is used by Switch1 to determine if incoming frames from the hosts should
be forwarded to Router1?

the source address field in the IP header
the destination port number in the TCP header
the destination address field in the Layer 3 header
the destination address field in the Ethernet header

138. Refer to the exhibit. Switch SWB is not responding to VTP updates from switch
SWA. What is a possible cause of the problem?

The VTP revision numbers are different.
The number of existing VLANs is different.
There is a password set on one of the switches.
the enable passwords are not set on the switches.

139. Which IEEE trunking protocol is used to encapsulate data traffic over a trunk link
on a Cisco switch?


140. When an access point is placed near the outside wall of a building, which
implementation design procedure should be used?

Disable SSID cloaking.
Lower the encryption level.
Decrease the power setting.
Disable MAC address filtering.
Modify the Network Mode to Wireless-G.

141. A network technician is attempting to configure 802.1q trunking on switch ports
Fa0/5 through Fa0/10. Which set of commands will accomplish this task?

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

142. Refer to the exhibit. Although they are directly connected, switch SWA is not
exchanging VLAN information with switch SWC. What can be done to correct this

Change the hostname of SWA to SWC.
Change the hostname of SWC to SWA.
Change the VTP version of SWA to version 1.
Change the VTP operating mode of SWA to transparent.

143. Refer to the exhibit. A technician is troubleshooting a trunk problem between
switches SW1 and SW2. What should be done to remedy the problem?

“Negotiation of Trunking” on both switches should be turned off.
“Administrative Mode” on switch SW1 should be configured as dynamic auto.
“Trunking Native Mode VLAN” on switch SW2 should be configured as VLAN 100.
“Operational Mode” on both switches should be configured as static access.

144. What allows WLAN clients to learn which networks and access points are available
in an area?


145. What technique is a security attack that depletes the pool of IP addresses available
for legitimate hosts?

reconnaissance attack
DHCP spoofing
DHCP snooping
DHCP starvation

146. Refer to the exhibit. All edge ports are configured with the spanning-tree portfast
command. Host1 is recently connected to port Fa0/1 on switch SW1. Which statement is
true about the status of port Fa0/1?

The port will transition into blocking state.
The port will transition immediately into forwarding state.
The port will transition into blocking state and then immediately into forwarding state.
The port will transition into blocking state and immediately transition through the listening and
learning states.

147. Which two devices can cause interference with the operation of a WLAN because
they operate on similar frequencies? (Choose two.)

Select the two correct answers
AM radio
MP3 player
cordless phone
microwave oven

148. What is a result of improperly implementing a network with redundancy at Layer 2?

an increase of unicast and multicast errors at Layer 3
a decrease in the amount of broadcast traffic
end device malfunction because of broadcast storms
an increase in throughput at all points in the network

149. Which statement is correct about STP architecture?

Spanning Tree Protocol will guarantee a loop free Layer 2 topology.
Spanning Tree Protocol guarantees the shortest path to destination networks.
The switch with the highest priority will be assigned the lowest BID in the root election.
The first step in the spanning-tree election process is to determine the root port.
To select designated ports, the spanning-tree algorithm must determine the longest contiguous
path from the root bridge.

150. What is a function or characteristic of the native VLAN?

It is the VLAN that supports untagged traffic on an 802.1Q trunk.
It is always assigned to VLAN 1 for backward compatibility.
It is always the same VLAN number for all trunks within an organization.
It is used as the management VLAN throughout the entire switched network.