Friendships and respect (1)

Friendships and respect (1)

This quiz will test you on how to be a good friend, how to become a good friend and how to respect others.

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4. Families are made up of many different types of people: Sometimes a family just has 1 parent, or 2 mothers, or 2 fathers, or a mother and a father, or an aunty and uncle as the parents, or grandparents as the parents.
Is just one of these types of families correct?


You are in the playground and someone calls you "gay". What do you think this means?

You are stupid
You are happy
You are homosexual
All of the above are possible meanings

What is a homosexual relationship?

2 men love each other
2 women love each other
A man and a woman love each other
The first two answers are correct

When is it okay to show your private parts of your body to your friends?

In the classroom
In the playground
On the school bus
Never in any of these situations

Your friend is being bullied, the bully pushes your friend to the ground and your friend is crying. What do you do?

Pretend you didn't see it and walk away
Go and help your friend and let a teacher know
Punch the bully in the stomach

If 2 boys are best friends in primary and then high school is it alright for them to still be best friends when they finish school?


How do you know who good friends are?

They are nice but unfair
They are mean, call you names and don't play with you
They are loving, caring, nice, sharing, fair and enjoyable

There is a new student in your class and they don’t know anybody. What do you do?

Ignore them and laugh at them because they are sitting by themselves
Ask them to come and sit with you
At lunchtime ask them to play with you
The last two answers are correct

Is it acceptable for a boy and girl to be best friends?


Is it okay for 2 women to marry each other or 2 men to marry each other?