grade 10 CHEM test for exam

grade 10 CHEM test for exam

good to study for the exam grade 10 chemistry unit ... .. . .. ... . . .

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what is on the left side of a word and chemical equation?

sodium and nitrogen produce


what color does phenolphtalein turn in a acid neutral and basic solution?

what color does bromythymol blue turn in a acid

metals are on the left side of the periodic table


what is an example of a skeleton equation?

Select the two correct answers
NaCl + 2Na + Cl
Cl2 + 2NaBr = Br2 + 2NaCl
2NaCl = 2Na + 2 CL

the more basic a substance is the more ___ ions it has

what is the chemical formula for carbonate?

metals tend to

whaat do you need in order to produce a combustion equation?

example of single displacement

AB + CD = AD + CB
A + BC = AC + B

lewis dot diagrams only show

which is a balanced equation of P4 + O2 = P2O5

2P4 + 3O2 = 4P2O5
P4 + 5O2 = 2P2O5
5P + 1O2 = 3P2O5

sign of a chemical change

Select the five correct answers
new smell
new color
impossible to reverse
precipitate is formed
substance breaks down
bubbles form
heat is given off

the more acidic a substance the more ___ ions it has

florine has a charge of


pure substances break into

Select the three correct answers
non metal

what is it called when two non metals form a compund

what is the chemical equation for potassium metal and chlorine gas combine to form potassium chloride.

copper has ionic charges of

a neutralization reaction produces

what type of chemical reaction is this? Na + Cl = NaCl

what deadly gas is in a incomplete combustion?