Are You A 2012 Lyric Expert?

Are You A 2012 Lyric Expert?

So, my third quiz, I will follow the first person to take this quiz, take this quiz to find out how well you know your 2012 lyrics

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They add up to, I'm in love witn you...

Small things
Little things
Tiny things

I think that life's too short for this, want back my ignorance and bliss...

Blow me just one kiss
Blow me one more kiss
Blow me one last kiss

She wants the boys to notice her rainbows and her ponies...


I won't give enough, so I gotta know your name...

Hottest girl in the world
Sexy chick

Anything you wanna do, I'll be on it too...

My heart is broken
Keep bleeding

Yeah we keep throwing things and slamming the doors...

No more nights
One last day
One more night

Found you in the river of pure emotion...

I love you
I found you
I and you

It's something bout his kiss, contaminates my lips...


Three letters took him to his final resting place...

Lake and oceans

We'll stay up, forever staying here...

Spinning around
Bend down
Turn around