Spanish Quiz I

Spanish Quiz I

Spanish verbs (-AR) and la clase de espanol. ha ha ha no yes pie apples

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What does llegar mean?

To love
To arrive
To move

What does trabajar mean?

to work
to trap
to rest

What does preparar mean?

To prepare
To cook
To be ready

What does pasar mean?

to pay attention
to pass/to spend
to love

What does contestar mean?

to compete
to sleep
to answer

What does esperar mean?

To sing
To wait for
To prepare

What does ensenar mean?

to teach
to pat
to sense

What does ayudar mean?

To swim
To clean
To help

What does tocar mean?

to play/ to touch
to move
to hope

What does buscar mean?

to look for
to drive
to joke

What does patinar mean?

To wait
To fish
To skate