Keyboarding Final Exam Review

Keyboarding Final Exam Review

Remember you should study, GOOD LUCK!!! :) ☺ You should do well on this quiz, you studued okay, so pass this test. Remember this is a grade, a very important grade for thuis semester, VERY IMPORTAnt grade!!!

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What do you NOT do on a date line???

Put an image next to it.
Do not put the month.
Put a number in your password.
Do not use “nd”, “st”, or “th” following the day of the month.

What to do in a Salutation?

1 space below the inside adress.
Make a inside adress in them.
Use a colon following a salutation; a comma is used only in a social letter

What do you Do on a Signature???

4 spaces below closing
If company name is typed, company name is 1 space below the closing and the signature is 6 spaces below the company name.
Write it on cursive.

What finger is used to key each home row key?

A-little finger
S- ring finger
D-middle finger
F-fore finger
You use all the fingers.
Use only the pinky.

What do you do in a Complimentary?

Capitalize only the first 10 words.
2 spaces below the body of the letter
Don't follow the complimentary phrase with a comma.

What other thing you should not do on a Date Line?

Do not abbreviate or use figures for the month.
Do not put a date line.
Get a dog for christmas.

What is the name of the program used for keyboarding?

Tux Typing
Micro Type
Microsoft Word 2010

What thing you should do on a Inside Address?

Do not put the adrezss on the inside.
Do not follow numbers with “rd”, “st”, or “th”.
Do not put a date line in the inside adress.

What do you do on a Identification Initials?

1 space below signature.
Put in on cursive
2 spaces below signature

What does GWAM mean?

Alternatively referred to as GWPM, which is short for Gross Words Per Minute, GWAM is short for Gross Words A Minute and is similar to WPM except it does not account for any errors. GWAM is the overall typing speed regardless of how many errors you make. GWAM is often used as a measurement for users who are just learning to type and is later replaced by WPM.
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