How Much Do You Know About The Homefront???

How Much Do You Know About The Homefront???

Lets see exactly how much you know or think you know about the Homefront with this quiz! (Be specific with each question!)

published on January 10, 20131 response 0

How many American soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

A) Over 9,000
B) 400,295
C) 58,220
D) Both A & B
E) Both A & C

what is Vietnam?

A) A country
B) An award-winning Broadway show
C) A place where a very controversial war took place

why did the Vietnam war happen?

A) We thought "we are strong conquer all!"
B) We thought we were attacked
C) Lyndon B. Johnson said we were attacked

what is counter-culture?

A) going against what your family believes
B) A rebelion that next generation teens did things that was frowned upon in that time period
C) A retaliation strike

What was Woodstock?

A) A town
B) 3 nights of wild and crazy times that include partying drinking and music
C) the thing that your grandma keeps her china dishware in