Harry Potter quiz. Try it!

Harry Potter quiz. Try it!

This will test your knowledge on the famous Harry Potter but beware if you have only watched the films you will find yourself in some tricky trouble!

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What was the name of Harry's 3rd teacher of Defence Against The Dark Arts?
How did Harry get the Philosipher Stone in his 1st year?

Professor Lockhart
Professor Moody
Professor Quirrel
Professor Snape
no one
Professor Lupin
Professor Umbridge

Which are Harry's bestest friends?

Select the two correct answers
Leona Lewis
Ronald Weasley
Ron Weasley
Hermy Grander
Hermione Granger
Seamus Finnagin
Dean Thomas
Neville Logbottom
Draco Malfoy
Lord Voldemort

Where was the first time Malfoy and Potter met?

Who is Flitwick?

In Harry's first year what is the name of the mirror called?

mirror of excellence
mirror of egg
mirror of erised