Sharks - The Ultimate Predator

Sharks - The Ultimate Predator

Many people have a big fear of sharks ...

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Which came first?

The Sharks
The Dinosaurs
The Humans

The smallest shark in the worlds, the small dwarf lanternshark, measures ...

5-10 cm
10 - 17 cm
30 - 40 cm
120 - 140 cm

The hearth of sharks is ...


Which of the following sharks can live both in seawater and freshwater?

Select the two correct answers
tiger shark
nurse shark
bull shark
river shark

Which of the following sharks are apex predators (at the top of the underwater food chain)?

Select the two correct answers
Rainbow shark
Tiger shark
Great white shark
Epaulette shark

Which of the following sharks looks like a stingray?

Hammerhead Shark
Megamouth Shark
Lemon Shark
Blue Shark
Angel Shark

Which is the fastest shark in the world (up to 50 kilometres per hour)?

Great White Shark
Blue Shark
Shortfin mako shark
Chain Catshark

What is special about Portuguese shark?

it is not carnivore
it is a transparent shark
it is the heaviest shark in the world
it the deepest-living shark known

Which is the world's largest shark?

The Blue shark
Great White Shark
Whale shark
Elephant Shark

What does the Swellshark to scare its predators?

it bites and inject venom
it balloons to twice its size
use a Fake Eyespot

Sharks often lose teeth while eating


True or false? All sharks are dangerous to people


Do sharks have bones?


How long, on average, do great white sharks live?

under 10 years
10 years
23 years
over 30 years

And the last one... What is the greatest threat to sharks?

polar bears