How much do you know about horses? (1)

How much do you know about horses? (1)

Test your horse knowledge with my home made quiz! If you get 100% then your clearly a horse lover, if you get lower than 50% then you need to know a little bit more about these amazing animals!

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A white line in the centre of the horse's face is known as a...

Bald face

Which of these describes a Piebald colour??

A Piebald is Black all over
A Skewbald is Brown all over
A Skewbald is Grey with Black mane and Tail
A Piebald is Black and White

Where would you find the horse's Dock??

In the tail
In the back
In the Lower Leg

A horse that is indicating its ears flat back on its head, and attempting to glare its teeth is known to be doing what...

feed me

Which of these is a part of the Hoof??

Cannon Bone
Fetlock Joint
White Line
Pedal Bone

Which of these is a type of 'Gait'


Which of these TWO answers are true

Select the two correct answers
A Dapple horse is known as a Small pony
An Arabian is a type of Breed
Horse's under the height of 14.2hh is known as a Shetland
Dressage is a type of event

Which THREE of these items are part of a grooming kit...

Select the three correct answers
Dandy Brush
Curry Comb
Nail Clippers

Which Four things are a sign of a horse with colic

Select the four correct answers
Constent rolling
eating hay
pouring at the ground
box walking
wanting attention i.e. grooming
kicking belly with back legs

Which of these answer's describes a Show pony.... (three answers)

Select the three correct answers
Rides on the bridle in an outline
Is bigger than 14.2hh
Is often ridden by small/young children
Often attends Showing classes or Dressage Events

What is the TWO best ways to take a horse's Pulse

Select the two correct answers
Counting the belly, going in and out as the horse breathes
holding the tail up
putting three fingers under the cheek bone for 60seconds

How do we measure our horses...


A horse with a different colour lower leg, to the rest of its body is known as a...

Birth mark

The Coronet Band can be found in the horses's....

Select the one correct answers