how well do you know how i met your mother

how well do you know how i met your mother

See how well you know the program you love think about the answers carefully improve on your mistakes by retaking the test/quiz have fun and a good go.

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who does Barney propose to?

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what two words does Barney use in the episode the pineapple incediant?

lemon law
daddys home
magician's code

Who quest stared in how i met your mother?

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Britney Spears
Cermit the frog
Bob Barker

What is the name robin was called when she was a teenage pop star in Canada ?

Miss Cool
Jessie J
Robin Sparkles

who was Ted looking to date in the 3 season?


what are the two words Lily keeps using in the episode the play book?

whats Barneys most well known catch phrase?

what are the names Ted wants to name his two children?

Jamie and Zoe
Luke and Layer
Will and Kate