Do You Know The Song Titles?

See if you know most of these songs well ! Take this quiz to see if you know the song title (No Cheating) .

published on December 01, 201615 responses 0

How can you see into my eyes ... like open doors ? Leading you down into my coor where I become so numb ...

Wake Me Up
Without A Soul
Bring Me To Life

If you love me let me gooo ...

Oh baby look what you started, the temperature's rising in here. Is this gonna happen ? Been waitin' & waitin' for you to make a move ... (ooo)

You call her Stephanie ? I call her Headphanieee ... OOO . I don't open doors for a hoe .

Wish we could turn back time , to the good old days. When our momma sang us to sleep and now we're stressed out.

I won't lie to you ... I know he's just not right for you ... and you can tell me if I'm off but I see it in your face when you say that he's the one that you want . & you're spending all your time in this wrong situation and anytime you want it to stop ...

Walkin' round with my head down but I can't hide with these high heels on . Downtown in the thick crowd but it's just you that my mind is on ...