the smile quiz

the smile quiz

this quiz is a big hard quiz and I think you guys will get a c- I know it

published on September 03, 201810 responses 1

what does the do with the mouth (forgot to say they are no hints)

talk stupid
do a smile that is stupid
do a fart sound

what singer likes to smile a lot

Justin Timberlake
Justin beiber
michel jackson

if you smile does it hurt

aaa no does not
why would you say that
ya it does sometimes

are you ready for the whole quiz that is hard


who is the person in the world that always smile

Select the three correct answers
the creater of this quiz
michel jackson

what is the worlds famous singer that smiles a lot

Justin Timberlake
michel jackson
Justin breiber

(final really har question) what Roblox player always have a smile