Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets (1)

Well to my Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets quiz! Also try and get the top points be carfeul not to miss any important answers and what grade will you get?

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Who did the students think was Heir Of Slytherin?

Fred Weasley
Tom Riddle

Who got attacked first?

Mrs Norris
Hermione Granger
Moaning Mrytle
Justin Finch Fletchley

In the first Transfiguration class of the second year, Professor McGonagall teaches the students how to...?

turn an animal into a goblet.
turn a beetle into a button.
turn a teacup into a turtle.

After Hermione added the shredded skin of a boomslang and the powdered bicorn horn, how long would it be till the potion was finished?

3 weeks
5 days
1 week
2 weeks

What was in the envelope that Harry found on Filch's desk?

a Kwikspell course
a letter saying he was not to use the chains behind his desk as a punishment.
a letter from his brother.

How long was the composition that Professor Binns asked his students to do on "The Medievel Assembly of European Wizards."?

2 feet
3 feet
8 inches
1 foot

The Mandrake plant is also known as the...?


How many inches high are Cornish pixies?


When the fireworks that Harry toss into Goyle's cauldron explode, the class is showered in what potion?

Swelling Solution
Aging Potion
Shrinking Solution
Forgetfulness Potion

Who is the author of The Standard Book of Spells books?

Miranda Goshawk
Jane Gollawc
Newt Scamander
Manda Godshawk