Family guy trivia

are you a family guy addict? Here, you can find out! You know you want to know (warning must have watched family guy)

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This is a character is super annoying and sings a lot in the episodes. He is not animated and is one of the only chacters who isn't he is an old fashion singer. You do not have to add the last part but here is a hang man thing: Mr.Co-w--

What is the name of Peter Griffin's only handicapped friend?

Please select all members of the Griffin family ( Keep in mind, they are the main characters.

Select the six correct answers

This guy is a man covered in grease he is called the Greased Up D--th guy

All of the bad guys in Family Guy

Select the three correct answers
The Chicken
Diane Simons

In one season, Brian Griffin got ran over by a random man. Stewie destroyed his time machine before the incident so he could stop alterning the past. But, before Stewie destroyed the time machine, he went in the future to get a Christmas present early. In the
Christmas episode, Stewie saved Brian's life, How could he do this

Stewie didn't this whole question is a lie.
Peter turned out to be a genius, so Stewie knocked him out and stole the time machine peter had.
Your siblings cake was a lie.
During Christmas, Stewie stole the past Stewie's time travel pad. He went back in time then to save Brian.

Why did Cleveland leave Loretta? (Cleveland's wife before the Cleveland Show)

Because he was embarrassed of falling out of his house, in the bathtub all the time
Because she had sex with Quagmire
Because Peter told lies about Loretta having STDs

Who was Peter's boss when he worked at the Toy Company